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"We recognize that with 2018 being an election year there might be opposition and folks will consider and explore a run for political office. Explorations will happen, it is a normal part of the political process," Jon Gilmore, Hutchinson's chief political strategist, said in an email.

Jon Gilmore, senior campaign adviser to Westerman, said that "Congressman Westerman is working every day to represent the views and values of the hardworking Arkansans of the 4th District and his common-sense approach to issues is resonating across our state.

"Congressman Westerman's work in a small business prepared him to represent the conservative values of his constituents. He is pleased to welcome anyone who wants to get involved in the political process and discuss the issues important to Arkansans," Gilmore said.

Hutchinson's campaign planned to file one report Monday night after it was unable to file separate reports Friday, Hutchinson's chief political strategist, Jon Gilmore, said Monday.

"We've not only met but we've exceeded every goal in fundraising for the governor's re-election," Gilmore said. "Asa Hutchinson's consistent conservatism in governing Arkansas and leadership with job creation is demonstrated by the outpouring of support that we've received thus far in the campaign."

Jon Gilmore of the Gilmore Strategy Group, which conducted the poll, cited the results showing that 62 percent supported making the temporary half-percent sales tax permanent upon its expiration in 2023. And 81 percent of the voters who said they supported making the tax permanent said they would "go ahead [today] and make that existing tax permanent after it expires."

Gilmore Strategy Group surveyed 800 likely voters Dec. 12-13. Seventy percent of the participants were reached by landline phone and 30 percent by cellphone. The respondents also were "stratified by county to reflect history voter trends," according to the summary of the survey's methodology. The results have a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

Hutchinson "believes the Trump-Pence ticket is the right choice for America right now," said Jon Gilmore, his political strategist.

Instead, congressional Republicans are expected to push ahead to repeal the Medicaid expansion and convert Medicaid from an entitlement to a capped program of federal contributions to the states, said Jon Gilmore, a Republican strategist in Arkansas.

“GOP governors want to be given the reins and to innovate in the states," said Jon Gilmore, a former deputy chief of staff to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison. “The appetite is for a repeal, but repeal and replace, and the hope they will listen to the governors."